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Alberta Launches Water Runoff Monitoring Project


The following piece is from our sister publication, Alberta Seed Guide.

Researchers in Alberta will be taking a closer look at crop protection product runoff into waterways after receiving funding from Results Driven Agriculture Research (RDAR), a June 17 news release says.

The Crop Sector Working Group (CSWG) and three major life science companies will lead the water monitoring project. The project aims to gather scientific data to evaluate the effectiveness of wetland management practices in mitigating the movement of crop protection products into wetlands and aquatic ecosystems, the release notes.

“As a farmer, I take great pride in being a steward of the land and that includes our waterways,” Don Shepert, CSWG chair, says in the release. “The data collected from this project will give farmers a better understanding how stewardship practices can be further employed and adopted to continue to prevent the movement of crop protection products in the environment.”

The goal of the research is to develop the best management practices to protect water habitats from crop protection product use while providing substantive knowledge transfer and translation to producers. More than 10 producers have signed on to participate in the sampling of wetlands on their private land, the release says.

The project was developed in collaborated with Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA).

“Data collected from this project will ensure there’s a representative set of western Canadian data available for regulatory bodies such as the PMRA. It will ensure that fulsome decisions can be made based on accurate use and application of crop protection products,” the release notes.

RDAR is providing $750,000 in funding over three-years, with $417,500 coming from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP), the release says. Partners providing matching funds to the project include Syngenta, BASF, Bayer Crop Science – Canada, the Alberta Wheat Commission, Alberta Barley, Alberta Canola, Potato Growers of Alberta, Alberta Sugar Beet Growers, and Alberta Pulse Growers.

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