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U.S. Potatoes Board Changes Name


Members of the US Potato Board have approved a new name during the board’s 44th annual meeting, voting to change the title — and logo — to Potatoes USA.

The organization, now entitled Potatoes USA, continues to exist having as the main objective to strengthen demand for U.S. potatoes, the board said in a statement, on behalf of 2,500 family farms it represents at national and global level.

The new strategic plan for Potatoes USA includes the collective input of over 450 members of the U.S. potato industry, Potatoes USA staff and the board’s agency representatives from around the world. Thoughts, ideas, wants, needs and desires were presented and documented over an 18-month period beginning the summer of 2014.

Benefitting from access to and use of over $6 million in U.S. Department of Agriculture funding annually, Potatoes USA works in more than 20 countries around the world. Exports of U.S. potatoes have experienced unprecedented growth over the past 30 years and now account for 18 per cent of production, according to Potatoes USA.

“In the United States, Potatoes USA is the leading organizer of potato nutrition, research, education and varietal development,” said CEO Blair Richardson. “We will have a positive impact on long-term demand, consumer awareness, research efforts and utilization of our potatoes by food service and retail operators, consumers and other entities.”

“Potatoes USA is ready to fight for the future of this industry and will take an aggressive approach in doing so,” said Mike Pink, board chairman, a grower from Pasco, Wash. “The potato is an essential part of the American diet and should be something people can enjoy with pride. With its new strategic plan, mission and business name, Potatoes USA is prepared to lead the way.”

For more information, visit Potato Business.

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