StorageFacilitiesU of M Receives Funds to Updated Facilities for Potato Research

U of M Receives Funds to Updated Facilities for Potato Research


The federal and provincial governments are giving $98,970 through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership to the University of Manitoba to upgrade its horticulture storage facility for potato research, a Jan. 26 news release said.

“Ensuring that our scientists have the tools they need to conduct their research is essential to support the resilience and competitiveness of the agricultural sector. The work being accomplished in these potato storage facilities will help producers reduce food waste on their farms,” Marie-Claude Bibeau, federal minister of agriculture and agri-food, said in the release.

The release noted the investment will allow researchers to conduct post-harvest potato storage research that will be representative of on-farm storage at potato producer operations. The upgraded storage facility will be able to control environmental conditions, including carbon dioxide levels, temperature, and humidity.

“This much-needed infrastructure renewal will help our researchers solve real-world challenges in the storage and management of potatoes. Equally important is the training and development of highly qualified professionals that this facility will provide to benefit the future of the potato industry in Manitoba and beyond,” Martin Scanlon, dean of the faculty of agricultural and food sciences at the U of M, said in the release.

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