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TOMRA Combines Brands


Optical food sorting system manufacturer TOMRA Sorting Food has reached an important milestone in its history. TOMRA is retiring its BEST Sorting and ODENBERG legacy brands as of this year, and the company will progress as a single, unified brand under TOMRA Sorting Food.

TOMRA Sorting Food is part of TOMRA Sorting Solutions, a global market leader with more than 5,000 of its sensor-based sorting systems installed at food growers, packers and processers worldwide. The company has more than 110 years of experience of delivering high-performance sorting, peeling and analytical solutions for potato products as well an assortment of other foods.

Commenting on the brand unification, head of TOMRA Sorting Food, Ashley Hunter, says: “This final and complete adoption of the TOMRA brand simultaneously marks the successful end of a journey and the start of an exciting new era.

“BEST Sorting and ODENBERG have been around for more than 60 years in total and the companies’ combined power, knowledge and expertise will continue to live under the umbrella of the TOMRA brand.

“Being part of TOMRA Sorting Solutions gives our customers access to technological synergies that exist across its food, recycling, mining and specialty products business streams. This also allows us to respond to customer and food industry challenges quickly, offer the best value products, and work with customers to develop innovative solutions meeting their needs.”

The only change that customers will see with the brand unification is that TOMRA Sorting Food machines produced from 2016 onwards will no longer carry either the BEST Sorting or ODENBERG logos.

Ashley continues: “TOMRA Sorting Food has successfully integrated the people, processes and technologies of two world-class optical food sorting and peeling businesses while creating a new company which is greater than the sum of its parts.”

To more information, visit TOMRA Sorting Food.

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