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Syngenta to Release Envita Nitrogen-fixing Product in Canada


The following piece is from our sister publication, the Alberta Seed Guide.

Syngenta Canada has received the exclusive rights to distribute Azotic Technologies’ nitrogen-fixing biological, Envita, in Canada, a May 17 news release said. Envita provides a continuous source of nitrogen where and when plants need it, and is registered for use on a broad range of row and specialty crops including corn, canola, cereals, soybeans and potatoes.

Envita is a liquid nitrogen-fixing biofertility product featuring a food-grade strain of the bacteria Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus, the release said. When applied in-furrow or as a foliar treatment, the bacteria form a symbiotic relationship with the plant and ultimately grow with it over time. The bacteria begin fixing nitrogen from the air soon after an Envita application – a process that occurs within cells of the plant’s leaves and roots and continues throughout the season. 

“Syngenta is excited to offer this new and innovative biological solution that gives growers more choice in how to manage their crop,” Nathan Klages, biologicals business manager with Syngenta Canada, said in the release. “Envita technology will help growers pushing for higher yields enhance their standard fertility program with systemic, season-long nitrogen in the right place at the right time.”

The release noted field-scale trials conducted across Canada over the past two years have shown crops treated with Envita out-yielded untreated checks approximately 80 per cent of the time. It will be available for the 2023 growing season.

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