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White Russet potatoes - one of the first potato varieties developed based on Simplot's Innate platform - next to a conventional Russet.

Simplot, Iden Biotechnology partner to explore potential nutritional properties of potato

Spanish biotechnology company Iden Biotechnology is partnering with J.R. Simplot Company, potato processor and developer of Innate potatoes, to explore the potential for nutritional enrichment of the potato.

As part of the agreement, Iden will identify promising genes for potential use in Simplot’s proprietary Innate biotechnology platform.

Iden will use its identification and screening platform for the development of gene traits of agronomic relevance for main crops like corn, wheat or potato for specific validation of gene candidates meeting Simplot company interests.

Iden has established other industrial collaborations for gene trait discovery and development in row crops like wheat and corn.

The agreement allows Simplot to further develop traits in its Innate platform that benefit growers and consumers in the industry.

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