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Quebec Potato Packers Merge Businesses

Two Quebec potato packers, Québec Parmentier and Patate-Saint-Ambroise of Saguenay, Que., have merged together, according to a release from the companies.

“The integration of these new partners confirms that the business model and the values advocated by the organization meet the interests of potato producers in Quebec,” says Pierre Chouinard, CEO of Québec Parmentier, in the release.

Following the completion of the merger Saint-Ambroise, Que.-based Québec Parmentier will hold all of the assets Saint-Ambroise and Légupro, two agri-food companies specializing in potato packaging and processing of potatoes and vegetables.

“The desire for growth, the need to increase its production and packaging capacities and the synergies that will be generated by pooling our activities have all been complementary factors in bringing together our companies,” says Mathieu Bouchard, president of Patate-Saint-Ambroise, in the release.

Québec Parmentier expects the merger will allow them to ensure that they will be able to better serve customers with quality products throughout the year. “The company is now giving itself the means to further secure its supply, continue to progress, and affirm its role as a leader in the potato industry,” the release says.

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