NewsIndustryPotatoes Can Help Cut Cancer Risk

Potatoes Can Help Cut Cancer Risk


Chinese researchers say they have discovered that eating white vegetables such as potatoes can help reduce the risk of developing stomach cancer.

A study conducted by scientists at Zhejiang University in China found that people who eat a large amount of white vegetables, which also includes cauliflower, cabbage and onions, were a third less likely to develop it than those who did not. But the risk of developing stomach cancer was increased through beer, spirits, salt and preserved foods.

The researchers analyzed 76 existing studies into diet and stomach cancer. They found that for every 50 mg of vitamin C (the equivalent of two potatoes) consumed daily, the risk of developing stomach cancer was reduced by eight per cent.

The report authors wrote: “The decreasing incidence of gastric cancer in developed countries may be partly the results of increased use of refrigeration, availability of fresh fruit and vegetables, and decreased reliance on salted or preserved foods.

“Both fruit and white vegetables are rich sources of vitamin C, which showed significant protective effect against gastric cancer by our analysis.”

To learn more, visit The Telegraph.

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