AgronomyCrop ProductionPotato Harvest Underway in Parts of Ontario

Potato Harvest Underway in Parts of Ontario


The potato harvest is well underway in the Melancthon, Alliston and Shelburne areas of Ontario, a Sept. 18 email update from Eugenia Banks said.

Banks notes she was in the Shelburne area and no harvesting was happening that day due to it being too warm to dig.

“I stopped at a field of russets that was planted late in June. It was still green with lots of life. The tubers looked healthy, but the field will need another week or more to reach marketable size,” Banks said in the update.

She noted processing growers in the Alliston area have been telling her that they have dug fields with high yields, but there have been a few without high yields. Quality has been excellent so far.

“There have been reports of second growth, especially field sprouting, in table varieties.  I saw that in the variety trials.”

Many new potato varieties have been affected by scab, the update said.

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