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Picketa Launches LENS Commercially Across Canada


Picketa Systems has officially launched its LENS (Leaf Estimated-Nutrient System) product across Canada commercially, a Nov. 7 news release said.

LENS is a data collection tool that allows agricultural professionals to perform plant tissue analysis in real-time. The release noted it uses an optical sensor used to scan leaf samples and a machine-learning engine and cloud infrastructure used to interpret the data gathered by the optical sensor.

“LENS has an intuitive user interface to view, share and compare analysis results anywhere, anytime. LENS gives its users ultimate control over agriculture data collection and analysis without disrupting existing workflows,” the release said.

Picketa did a soft launch of its product in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island during the 2022 growing season.

There will be limited number of units available for the 2023 growing season, the release said. LENS is currently only available for potato plant tissue analysis, with more crops to follow.

Picketa is looking for agronomists, crop consultants, and agriculture businesses in the potato industry who usually process around 500 plant tissue samples in a season, to use LENS. The release noted that due to the limited number of units available, Picketa will accept offers on a first come, first-serve basis. To secure a unit email Zachary Andersen

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