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Potato Growers of Alberta Wraps Up First Post Pandemic Conference


The Alberta Potato Conference and Tradeshow wrapped up its first event in three years on Nov. 17, 2022. The last day of the conference included presentations on nitrous oxide and an agriculture outlook.

The three day conference drew more than 400 attendees from across Alberta, Canada and into the United States. Numerous presentations were held over three days for growers who also networked, enjoyed a banquet evening and completed business at tradeshow booths.

The third day of the conference featured presentations on:

  • Mario Tenuta presenting on nitrous oxide
  • Shaun Haney presenting an agriculture outlook for Alberta

Highlights from the third day include:

  • Two to four pounds of nitrogen is lost from your field per year to the atmosphere, Tenuta says.
  • Nitrous oxide is 300 times more powerful than CO2 at warming the atmosphere and it makes up the majority of agriculture greenhouse gases, Tenuta says.
  • Potato and corn are on par for nitrous oxide emissions — they both produce more than other crops, Tenuta says.
  • Environmentally smart nitrogen (ESN) has generally lower emissions than straight urea. Banding has a fairly consistent reduction of 25 per cent, says Tenuta.
  • You can reduce nitrous oxide emissions by using the 4Rs, Tenuta says. Placement also works and splitting applications.

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