PodcastOxiDate®FC – A New Contact Fungicide for the Canadian Potato Industry -...

OxiDate®FC – A New Contact Fungicide for the Canadian Potato Industry – A Spud Smart Innovation Webinar & Podcast


OxiDate FC

A New Contact Fungicide for the Canadian Potato Industry

Brought to you by BioSafe Systems

Recently, the leading multi-site contact potato fungicides have come under PMRA regulatory scrutiny and restrictions. This creates a gap which must be filled in order to ensure the continued success and survival of the Canadian Potato Industry. Fortunately, a family owned research and development company, BioSafe Systems, LLC has successfully registered OxiDate®FC, a NEW Multi-site fungicide/bactericide to fill the gap for the Canadian Potato Industry.

Participants will learn:

  • Review of recent PMRA regulatory actions for potato fungicides
  • OxiDateFC Mode of Action
  • OxiDateFC spectrum of activity against potato diseases
  • How to utilize OxiDate FC in an IPM program
  • Label requirements

Want to learn more about OxiDate®FC? Click here for more info.

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