Timac Agro potato field
Photo: Timac Agro

At Timac Agro the focus is on optimizing and maximizing your potato production. With limited arable land and fertilizer reserves, it’s crucial to produce more with less. Timac Agro is committed to helping growers achieve this goal through innovative fertilizers that increase efficiency, minimize waste, and promote sustainable agriculture practices.

Timac Agro takes a boots on the ground approach to agronomy by increasing crop quality and yield to help you grow a sustainable and profitable crop. The Timac Agro team are there with you from fertilizer application to harvest. Three products from Timac Agro’s catalogue, Top-Phos, Fertiactyl and Fertileader, have shown to be of great benefit to potato growers in Canada.

Top-Phos is a new phosphate source — it’s pre-tied up in a humic calcium matrix. Phosphorus is negatively charged and immobilized by cations in the soil like calcium, iron or aluminum, making it unavailable to the plant. As the plant grows, roots secrete exudates that break down this matrix releasing phosphorus as needed. As phosphorus is essential for root development, more phosphorus is released as the plant is actively growing. This will further stimulate root development creating an “on demand” release of phosphorus.

Growers using Top-Phos have experienced the benefits of nutrient use efficiency. Even if you apply less units of phosphate, the units applied are being used more efficiently. In field demonstrations with Russet Burbank potatoes have shown Top-Phos produces significantly higher yields of marketable potatoes compared to traditional fertilizers. When applied at the same rate of actual phosphorous, Top-Phos increased yields by an average of 27 per cent in the eight-to-10-ounce size. Even when applied at just 80 per cent of the rate of traditional fertilizers, Top-Phos still increased yields by an average of 19 per cent.

Timac Agro is proud to be one of the world’s leaders in biostimulants, having launched their first biostimulant over 30 years ago. Leading the charge in Canada are Fertiactyl and Fertileader. Fertiactyl is a powerful plant establishment biostimulant that stimulates root development, resulting in improved tolerance to abiotic stressors. It also enhances the mobilization of nutrients from soil to plant, leading to better nutrient absorption, translocation, and conversion within the plant, and delays the onset of growth breaks caused by abiotic stress.

Fertileader is an in-season foliar biostimulant. By improving the plants’ ability to manage abiotic stress, be it heat, cold or drought, it stimulates photosynthetic activity increasing chlorophyl content resulting in more sugar. This improves nutrient absorption and transformation within the plant so your potatoes can produce more yield of higher quality. Fertileader has been used extensively in Quebec and the United States for over a decade. U.S. university studies have recorded a 10 per cent increase in yield, but in situation of extreme stress Timac Agro has recorded a 40 per cent increase in yield.

There are more volatile weather events happening every year, whether it’s drought, heat waves or hail. Why not protect your investment and help your plant by doing what it does best? Growing non-stop and producing high quality potatoes is where Top-Phos, Fertiactyl and Fertileader can help your spuds!