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New Brunswick Potato Variety Popularity Taking Off in U.S.


Polar White, a potato variety from New Brunswick, is growing in popularity in the United States, a news release from EarthFresh says on Feb. 5. Polar White is a white potato variety with an “excellent” taste profile.

“East coast consumers consistently purchase white potatoes, but this variety is taking off everywhere. There is significant opportunity for retailers to attract the loyal white potato consumer by featuring this premium quality white potato,” Shilo Sammy, director of customer insights at EarthFresh, says in the release. White potato sales are up 10 per cent across the U.S., with the northeast region accounting for 50 per cent of all white potato sales nationally.

EarthFresh is running a winter promotion highlighting Polar White. The white potato is part of EarthFresh’s Potatoes of the World program and was discovered in New Brunswick, the release notes. It is known for its white, bright skin colour throughout the year and is available year round.