NewsIndustryNEPG 2018 Total Harvest 18% Lower than Last Year

NEPG 2018 Total Harvest 18% Lower than Last Year


NEPG 2018 Total Harvest 18% Lower than Last Year. In addition, there were much lower yields in Great Britain.

This week also the last NEPG member Great Britain published their estimated harvest, 4.2 million tons, the lowest harvest since 2012. The total harvest estimation in the big 5 is now 24.3 million tons. This is 18 per cent lower than last season and almost 8 per cent lower than the 5-year average. The main reason for this lower harvest are the lower yields per ha as the total area for consumption potatoes grew slightly with 1 per cent in the NEPG countries.

Great Britain

Great Britain was late with their harvest and likewise as the other countries the yields were significantly below average due to the climate during the growing season. The total yield per ha dropped 15 per cent compared to last season towards 41.7 t/ha. Reports of “at risk” material being moved ahead of Christmas may lead to drawdown in stocks diverging from normal trend.

Stock levels for Great Britain are currently not known and will be released in the new year.

Continental Actual Stocks Lower

Last week France updated figures with a total of 5.8 million consumption potatoes.

Resent stock surveys on the continent by the NEPG members showed what was expected, a much lower available stock level than other years. Many lots with secondary growth have been treated and are processed now. These (contracted) potatoes have been processed already, so that good contract potatoes with delivery November- December have been passed on to the new year. The NEPG expects the high and firm market level will continue at the start of the new year. Also the new offered contracts by the continental processors will reflect the actual situation and will likely be on a be on a much higher and more realistic level according to the NEPG.

Source: NEPG

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