NewsBusiness McCain Foods Announces 2018 Top Potato Growers at Annual Manitoba Awards Banquet 

 McCain Foods Announces 2018 Top Potato Growers at Annual Manitoba Awards Banquet 


[deck]Annual event caps off 40th anniversary celebrations in 2019 highlighted by $75 million in investments at facilities in Portage la Prairie and Carberry.[/deck]

McCain Foods (Canada) announced A&M Farm Ventures Ltd. as the 2018 Crop Year Champion Potato Grower for Manitoba at the annual McCain Manitoba Growers’ Appreciation Banquet held last month, an annual tradition made even more special during the 40th anniversary of the Portage la Prairie facility in 2019. 

Approximately 150 guests, including executives from McCain Foods gathered to celebrate the top Manitoba growers. Representatives from A&M Farm Ventures (Tom, Lisa, John and Shawna Adriaansen) accepted the Champion Grower award, marking their first win of this prestigious recognition and exceptional partnership with McCain. 

2018 Top Grower: The Adriaaansen family of A&M Farm Ventures Ltd. with executives from McCain Foods (left to right)
Back Row: Bryan McCourt (McCain), Paolo Picchi (McCain), Dean Melnik (McCain), Eric Durand (McCain), and Bart Witherspoon (McCain).
Front Row: Andrea Davis (McCain), Lisa Adriaansen , Tom Adriaansen, Christine Wentworth (McCain), Shawna Adriaansen, John Adriaansen, Adam Adriaansen , Reggie Adriaansen, Danielle Barran (McCain), Dale McCarthy (McCain), and Jim Waugh (McCain).

“We have been partners with our Manitoba growers for 40 years and we are very pleased to recognize A&M Farm Ventures and our other valued 2018 top growers for their continued commitment and extraordinary efforts supplying our McCain Foods facilities,” declared Christine Wentworth, McCain Foods Vice President of Agriculture, North America. “At McCain Foods, we believe the grower relationship is an extension of our business and we always have tremendous respect for your efforts, and especially during this particularly challenging potato season.” 

The Top Innovator Variety Grower in Manitoba this year was S.B. Vegetable Growers. The team from Portage la Prairie has achieved standings nine times in the Top 10 Growers Awards, and this is their first time as Champion Innovator Grower. Both partners expressed a hearty thank you for the recognition of their work providing top quality potatoes despite the challenging conditions in one of the most difficult growing seasons the region has faced.

The 2018 Top Innovator Grower award presented to S.B. Vegetable Growers of Portage La Prairie, MB by executives from McCain Foods.
Back Row: Bryan McCourt, Paolo Picchi, Dean Melnik, Eric Durand, Bart Witherspoon
Front Row: Andrea Davis, Christine Wentworth, Paul Van Aert, Idzerd Boersma, Danielle Barran, Dale McCarthy, and Jim Waugh

2019 Marked 40th Anniversary Celebrations in Manitoba 

Over the past year, McCain Foods celebrated 40 years of continued operation and investment in Manitoba together with employees, growers and neighbours in the Portage la Prairie and Carberry communities. From 2016 to 2019 McCain committed a $45 million capital investment in the Portage la Prairie facility, and just over $30 million investment to the Carberry plant over the same time period, signaling confidence and commitment in the region. 

“Manitoba growers annually harvest about 26,300 hectares of potatoes, which represents about one-fifth of Canada’s total potato crop. We appreciate the diligence, passion and hard work of our partners, in particular when growing conditions have been so challenged,” shared McCain Foods Canada President Danielle Barran. “The $75 million investment from McCain is reflective of the continued demand for McCain frozen potato and potato specialty products in both the retail and food service businesses and signals the company’s long-term commitment to Manitoba.” 

Today, more than 500 employees work at the two facilities in Manitoba and are part of a proudly Canadian-based company with a global enterprise, including more than 22,000 employees operating out of 51 production facilities on six continents with sales in excess of CDN $10 billion.

The McCain Foods 2018 Manitoba Growers Top 10 roster, in order of final standing: 

#1 Champion grower: A &M Farm Ventures Ltd. 

#2 Wright Spud farms Inc. 

#3 Spud Plains Farms Ltd. 

#4 Beaver Creek Farms Ltd. 

#5 Adriaansen Farm Venture 

#6 Rivertrail Potato Co. Ltd. 

#7 Millshof Colony Farms 

#8 Riverbend Holding Co. Ltd. 

#9 Davison Farms Ltd. 

#10 Shilo Farms Ltd. 

The McCain Foods 2018 Top Innovator award: 

S.B. Vegetable Growers 

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