AgronomyCrop InputsManitoba Launches New Fertilizer Efficiency Calculator

Manitoba Launches New Fertilizer Efficiency Calculator


Manitoba has launched a new fertilizer efficiency calculator tool based on field-specific soil test results and science-based analysis to provide application recommendations, a Jan. 17 news release said.

The release notes it compares a producer’s fertilizer plans to the most- and least-efficient fertilizer application cost per acre and net profit per acre. It also provides a user-friendly dashboard score for cost efficiency, greenhouse gas efficiency, maximum profitability and maximum yield.

The new fertilizer efficiency calculator demonstrates the value of adopting 4R Nutrient Stewardship, the release said.

“This calculator helps address barriers to adoption of the 4R program by helping farmers understand the value these practices can provide to their bottom line and the environment. Farmers need tools and data to better inform their decisions,” Karen Proud, president and CEO of Fertilizer Canada, said in the release.

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