Manitoba, Feds Announce Funds for Online Food Sales

Grocery store potatoes
Photo: Pixabay

The Manitoba government, along with the federal government, will be providing $160,000 in funding for a project to allow local producers and farmers’ markets to sell their products online, the Manitoba government says in a news release on April 27.

“By creating a centralized online platform for Manitoban producers to sell their products, we are increasing flexibility in the supply chain during a very challenging time,” Marie-Claude Bibeau, federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, says in the release.

The funding will be provided through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership to Direct Farm Manitoba who will purchase a software platform which will allow Manitobans to order food online from local producers and farmers’ markets, the release says. Funding will also go towards the development of a network of pickup and delivery options to connect consumers with their orders, and the development of COVID-19 safe handling and packaging practices for producers and processors.

“Developing new marketing options at a time when important outlets such as restaurants, retail and farmers’ markets are disrupted will help strengthen distribution of local food to Manitoba customers,” Blaine Pedersen, Manitoba agriculture and resource development minister, says in the release.

Ontario announced a similar program for online food shopping on April 24.


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