Feds Mark Extra Funds for Drought Stricken West

Drought field
Photo: Pixabay

The following piece is from our sister publication, the Alberta Seed Guide.

The Canadian government is making $100 million available for producers impacted by drought and wildfires, a news release on August 6 says. The funds will be available through the AgriRecovery Framework which is designed to match all provincial AgriRecovery submissions on a 60-40 cost-shared basis.

“There are a lot of farm families across the West and in parts of Ontario who are making tough decisions in a difficult situation,” Marie-Claude Bibeau, federal minister of agriculture and agri-food, says in the release. “We will continue to support farm families to get them through the challenges we face today, and position them for a sustainable future, since we know climate change will continue to pose challenges.”

Producers will received assistance as soon as full assessments are completed, the release says. The federal government is working with provincial governments in Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia to complete assessments.

Manitoba has also invoked the late participation provision of AgriStability. The release notes provinces affected by drought are encouraged to invoke the provision to allow producers who did not enroll to access program support.

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