and Issues Ink Join Forces and Issues Ink Join Forces


A letter from our publisher:

Guelph, Ont. & Winnipeg, Man. – has announced that they have acquired publishing and consulting company Issues Ink.

With like-minded management principles and complementary services, the acquisition of Issues Ink further enhances’s extensive portfolio of media and publishing products and services for the agriculture and food industries.

With a long-standing publishing presence in the global seed industry, Issues Ink and its seed division, Seed World Group, together have five media properties in North America and Europe. Their titles include Spud Smart, Germination, the Alberta Seed Guide, European Seed and Seed World.

Also included in their Seed World Group division is their consulting arm, Seed World CREATE that offers strategy and marketing communications solutions to the global seed industry. The Seed World Group has also supported a number of organizations from around the world in developing and hosting successful virtual events using its event platform technology and event planning skills.

With a strong and dynamic team spread across Canada, the U.S. and Europe, Issues Ink will continue to operate as a self-contained group within the wider group of companies.

“We see there being great opportunities to learn from each other’s successes which will help us drive our future growth and innovation,” says Shawn Brook, President of Issues Ink. “In the future, our companies will work together leveraging our strategic strengths to continue to provide outstanding levels of service to our global clients during these dynamic times.”

“ is focused on delivering innovative products and services for the global agriculture and food industry. The acquisition of Issues Ink is a perfect strategic fit for us.  Its niche expertise in seed and its growing network of global customers deepens and complements our global relationships,” says President & CEO Graham Dyer. ”The global agriculture and food industry continues to face substantial pressures of change, be it from consumer demands, regulatory processes or environmental pressures – the combination of our leading products and excellent teams further empowers our abilities to support client needs. ”

All operations for Issues Ink remain based in Winnipeg, Manitoba with satellite offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and Switzerland.



Serving the global seed and agriculture sectors since 1991, Issues Ink is a handpicked team of strategists, storytellers and marketers. With staff spread across North America and Europe, our Issues Ink and seed focused division, Seed World Group, deliver highly focused consulting, strategic solutions, digital tools and niche content as well as diverse niche media channels to deploy our customer’s marketing messages.

ABOUT THE FARMS.COM GROUP OF COMPANIES is a leading supplier of innovative information products and services for the global agriculture and food industries.

The Media & Publishing division includes a network of websites that welcome thousands of commercial farmers and agribusiness professionals from across North America each day and is a trusted source of information to browse the latest agriculture news. In addition to news and market information, the website features classifieds, used-farm-equipment, and real estate listings for its customer base. In addition to the website, the network of sites includes, and

On the publishing side, has a variety of print offerings that are distributed to over 170,000 farmers each month. US publishing titles include USFarmer, ServiceTruck Magazine and Career Guide. Canadian publishing titles include Better Pork, Ag Buyer’s Guide, Better Farming (Ontario & Prairies), and Small Farm Canada.

In addition to Media and Publishing, the Group of Companies also provides the following solutions for the global agriculture and food sector:

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