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Storage Innovations

Maintaining the quality of potatoes through storage is as critical to one’s ultimate returns as is growing a good crop in the first place. Gone are the days of throwing a crop into any empty structure and hoping for the best: today’s potato storages offer impressively high-tech options, and more storage management innovation is on the horizon. The thermodynamic air envelope — more simply known as heated walls — is a mainstreaming…

Tools for Success

To protect their investment, it’s important for growers to keep on top of the latest innovations in ventilation, humidification and spout control when storing their potato crops. Spud Smart talked to some industry experts about new equipment, products and technologies aimed at ensuring storage success. Remote Control Ashley Gorman, vice-president of sales at P.E.I.-based Gorman Controls, believes the most important new technologies to hit the scene in recent years have been those…


Strategies for Storage Success

Ventilation, humidification and sprout control are important factors when storing your potato crop. Spud Smart has your crop covered with advice from the experts on best management practices, and a look at new products and technologies to enhance your storage success this season. Ventilation: Top Tips and New Products As potato growers expand their operations, they are requiring more storage facilities to hold their inventories, placing more demand on storage managers. This…

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