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Alberta Potato Planting 61 Per Cent Done


Alberta potato planting is 61 per cent complete despite worrisome dry conditions across the province, the May 4 provincial crop report says.

In the southern region, spring seeding is well underway with the potato crop 65 per cent planted. Surface moisture levels in the area have been affected by spring winds, while sub-surface soil moisture is low from limited moisture last year, the report notes.

Twenty-five per cent of the potato crop in the north east has been planted, the report says. Cool temperatures and dry conditiosn have led to a gradual start to planting.

Dry Conditions Causing Concern

Lower than normal precipitation throughout March and April across Alberta has led to dry conditions, the report says.

Surface soil moisture is at reduced levels. It’s estimated 54 per cent of the province has good or excellent surface soil moisture —14 points below the previous five-year average. There have been a few reports of excessive moisture in the Peace region though, the repot notes.

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