NewsIndustryWPC Welcomes Dr. Nigel Crump as its New International Advisor, Oceania

WPC Welcomes Dr. Nigel Crump as its New International Advisor, Oceania


World Potato Congress President, Romain Cools is very pleased to welcome Dr. Nigel Crump to its International Advisory Committee. “Dr. Crump is an excellent addition to our highly respected professional group of International Advisors. With Nigel’s addition, we now have potato specialists representing all parts of the world.”

Dr. Nigel Crump is a potato pathologist with over 19 years’ experience working in the Australian potato industry. Nigel is the General Manager for the Australian Seed Potato Industry Certification Authority (AuSPICA), which is an industry-based organisation that operates the seed potato certification Scheme in South Australia, Victoria and northern New South Wales. In addition to seed certification, Dr. Crump oversees the day-to-day operation of the Toolangi Elite Business which produces G0 potato minitubers and tissue culture plantlets. AuSPICA also has a significant role in providing a range of professional technical services to the wider potato industry. Dr. Crump enjoys a leadership role in the development and delivery of technical knowledge and services, and in so doing works with a small team of potato specialists.

Nigel makes significant contribution to the Australian potato industry through his many adjunct roles which include – secretary of the Australian Seed Potato Council (ASPC), Deputy chair of the UNECE specialised section on seed potatoes, and many other local industry subcommittees. He is a member of the Australasian Plant Pathology Society, the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology and the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Dr. Crump is actively involved in various research programs and the supervision of post graduate students. Dr. Crump has vast experience in knowledge transfer and directly works with the industry and growers across all sectors of the potato industry. Dr. Crump has been involved in the delivery of international projects, including projects in Ethiopia, Indonesia and New Zealand.




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