b'"When applied as a foliar spray, vayego providesto 1.6 g/kg/d. Another group received a placebo.extended residual on Colorado Potato Beetles, giv- Researchers found women who consumed the ing growers confidence that their potatoes will haveadditional potato protein increased the rate at additional protection," Carmen Holding, crop andwhich their muscles made new protein, while theNew Remote Sensing Technology Helps campaign manager for horticulture at Bayer, saysplacebo group did not. Detect Potato Diseasesin the release. "This residual activity also meansThe researchers also studied the impact ofA study done in the United Kingdom using aerial growers may need fewer applications throughoutweightlifting, having both groups of women exer- imaging was able to detect and differentiate the season. Its an easy-to-use product because ofcise only one of their legs to show the difference,between potato diseases, a news release from The its low use rate, enabling growers to stay on top ofthe release says. In the leg exercised, scientists didJames Hutton Institute, says.their pest infestations." not find any extra benefits from the potato protein. The InnovateUK-funded project called "In-field Vayego is a second-generation Group 28 di- "That finding, which some may find disap- Optical Detection of Potato Disease," which amide which offers control of lepidopteran pests inpointing, is in line with the rather small effect thatinvolved researchers from The James Hutton tree fruit and vegetables, with low risk to beneficialprotein has compared to exercise itself," explainsInstitute, used aerial images taken by drones to insects when used according to the product label,Phillips in the release. "In other words, exercise isdetect and differentiate between potato diseases. the release says. just such a more potent stimulus for making newNon-imaging hyperspectral data was also collected "With its low-dose rates, fast feeding cessationmuscle proteins compared to protein." from artificially inoculated potato plants under both and residual control on Colorado potato beetles,The demand for protein has rose dramatically tocontrolled environment and field conditions.vayego will be an invaluable tool for horticulturemeet the increased demands from the rising global"While the aerial imaging demonstrated poten-growers for years to come." population and plant-based proteins could fill thetial for this method to detect diseases once visible gap, the release says. symptoms were present, the hyperspectral data,RESEARCH NEWSStudy Finds Spuds Good for Muscle in WomenA study has found potatoes can be a source of high-quality protein to maintain muscle in women, a release from McMaster University says.The findings were published in the journal Nu-trients and highlights the potential benefits of what is considered a non-traditional source of protein, particularly as dietary trends change and worldwide demand has increased for plant-based alternatives to animal-derived sources, the release says."While the amount of protein found in a potato is small, we grow lots of potatoes and the protein, when isolated, it can provide some measurable benefits," says Sara Oikawa, a former graduate student in the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster and lead author of the research paper, in the release.The researchers recruited women in their early twenties who consumed diets containing protein at the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of weight per day, which would be approximately 60 g of protein for the average woman or 70 g for the average man, the release says. One group of participants con-sumed additional potato protein isolate in the form of a pudding, thus doubling their intake of the RDA MULTIPLE MODES OF ACTION - Fungicide & BactericideDouble Nickel harnesses multiple modes of action to protect your crop while being safe on beneficials and has no residues.SUMMER 2020 SPUDSMART.COM 45WWW.UAP.CA'