b'ONE PASS. ONE TOOL. Pandemic MULTIPLE DEPTHS.Its the versatility that makes this machine. Thats why we bought it. We use it for primary tillage in spring and fall, a \x1f nal pass on grain or potato ground, and seeding cover crops. Its heavy trip force even lets us send it down into heavily compacted soil to work it up. LEMKENs quick change points make it quick and easy to set up from job to job. Anyone can run it like a pro and we use the Karat all the time. We might even consider washing it if it ever stopped moving.lolBrandon, Rochelle, and Calvin MacPhail, MacSull Farms Ltd., New London, PEIContact your regional LEMKEN representative today for more information about the Karat.BRITISH COLUMBIA AND ALBERTA ONTARIO MARITIMESMark van DeursenShawn RobinsonMatt Beal 250-938-0076 519-860-6618 506-875-4678SASKATCHEWAN QUEBECDean AppeltScott Mastine 306-640-2380 450-252-8659MANITOBAWaldemar Heidebrecht 204-712-7073 @LEMKEN.Canada.fr| @strategictill|lemken.ca'