b'FEEDINGTIMES OVER.AND YOUKNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.Sefina halts feeding and creates alasting barrier against aphids.Aphids looking for a quick meal will come up empty thanks to new Sefina insecticide. In addition to fighting resistance witha new mode of action, it quickly stops aphids from feedingand creates a long-lasting barrier against them. And Sefinais safe for beneficial insects like lady bugs, so you can feelgood about turning an aphids feeding time into quitting time. Visit agsolutions.ca/sefina to learn more.Always read and follow label directions.AgSolutions, INSCALIS, and SEFINA are registered trade-marks of BASF.2020 BASF Canada Inc.Client: BASF Hort Publication: SpudsmartFile Name: Sefina_Potato_SS_v3 Page Position: FP CMYK PMS . . . Desiree V3Project Name: Sefina 2019 PotatoAphid Ads Live Area: 7.125 x 9.875 ART DIR CREATIVE CLIENT MAC ARTISTDocket Number: 2605.2 Trim size: 8.25 x 10.875 . . . . 01/17/20AD#: kenna_P4C_SS_2605.1_Sefina_Potatoes Bleed: 8.5 x 11.125 PMS PMS COPYWRITER ACCT MGR SPELLCHECK PROD MGR PROOF #'