b'Farmers will typically know how many tubers per acre theyveplanted almost to the exact number, but they will not know howmany tubers have emerged. JEFF GOULDINGGrowers in the UK using Hummingbirds potato products have found theyre able to be more targeted with their crop inputs, saving themselves time and money.Having remote data to support them in their field scouting and making sure theyre not missing any problemstheres significant value in that, Goulding says, adding growers have found theyre able to keep easier track of diseases in their crops.NOT JUST FOR GROWERSHummingbird doesnt just provide information to growersthey also work with processors who use them for regional yield prediction.In other words, how are my growers crops am I going to have enough raw material coming into my factory? Thats all they want to know really at the end of the day, Goulding says.Hummingbird has yet to sign any contracts with processors for yield mon-itoring in Canada, but they are working on it. Globally they work with PepsiCo in Brazil and Australia, and Lamb Weston in the UK. No One Tracks Root Crop Yields Like We DoOur technology will make your farm equipment more intelligent and accurate than ever before.Rite YieldThe RiteYield system adds convenience and accuracy by automatically collecting data for all the various elds, varieties and test plots.Measures and records yield continuouslyFits most harvestersOptional Tilt Sensor for greater accuracyConnects with all common GPS receiversUse as Stand-Alone, or integrate with JD Gen3 and Gen 4, or with Trimble FM & TM displays Map yields and $$$$ to visualize variability and profit margins.As a leader in precision agriculture systems we o er unique solutions speci cally designed with the root and vegetable producer in mind.Learn more at Greentronics.com, email [email protected], or call 519-669-4698To find dealers near you, visit greentronics.com/find-a-dealer/1957-10Greentronics12h.indd 1 5/13/20 1:30 PM4078-2Greentronics12h.indd 1 5/14/18 9:41 AM20 SPUDSMART.COM SUMMER 2020'