b"INDUSTRYNEWSINDUSTRY NEWS two agri-food companies specializing in potato packaging and processing of Increased Processing Demand Pushes Potato Farmland Values Higher potatoes and vegetables.Increased frozen potato product processing demand supported farmlandThe desire for growth, the need to increase its production and packaging value increases in potato regions across Canada, Farm Credit Canadas (FCC)capacities and the synergies that will be generated by pooling our activities annual farmland values report for 2019 shows. have all been complementary factors in bringing together our companies, Nationally, farmland values rose 5.2 per cent in 2019the smallestsays Mathieu Bouchard, president of Patate-Saint-Ambroise, in the release.increase over the past decade. Areas with potato production though recordedQubec Parmentier expects the merger will allow them to ensure a quality larger increases than those without. supply of products throughout the year. The company is now giving itself the In southern Alberta around Lethbridge, farmland increased by 3.9 permeans to further secure its supply, continue to progress, and affirm its role as centbeating the provincial increase of 3.3 per cent. Cavendish Farmsa leader in the potato industry, the release says.opened a new processing plant in the area which gave producers an incentive to increase their irrigated potato production, the report notes. However, dry conditions negatively impacted values for unirrigated land.In New Brunswick, the western region of the province saw an averagePRODUCT NEWSincrease of 17.1 per cent, this was mainly influenced by the presence of potatoBioLink Herbicide EC Approved for Use in Canadaproducers and processors. Provincially the Atlantic province recorded a 17.2The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has approved Westbridge Agri-per cent increase, up 1.8 per cent from the previous year. cultural Products' BioLink Herbicide EC for use in Canada, the company says in Harvest conditions in western New Brunswick were good for the most parta news release. Its approved for use by both organic and conventional growers.with only a small area of potatoes left unharvested, the report notes. DespiteThe herbicide will provide growers with a safe and valuable tool to the number of potato growers continuing to decrease, the number of seededhelp meet their certified organic crop production goals, Tina Koenemann, areas grew, resulting in expanding operations. Westbridge president, says in the release. It will also be a valuable option The areas potato processing capacity has also increased in recent years,for conventional growers to use as a rotational herbicide where weeds have pushing demand for potato land higher. Competition for land across Newbecome resistant to chemicals.Brunswicks potato belt is expected to be sustained in 2020, if not increased,The herbicide is registered as a broad-spectrum contact herbicide for the report says. post-emergent, non-selective weed control for use in and around all food and Prince Edward Island also noted a decrease in potato farms, however acresnon-food crops, the release says. Westbridges patented and proprietary formu-remained consistent pointing to larger farms. P.E.I. does have an ownershiplation is an emulsifiable concentrate which has been approved by the Organic cap of 1,000 acres for individuals and 3,000 acres for corporations, meaningMaterials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in certified organic food production.a growing number of farmers are approaching this limit. Before Canadian approval it went through over nine years of grower-proven Provincially, farmland values increased by 22.6 per cent, up from a 4.2efficacy and university testing showing it consistently provided fast and effec-per cent increase the previous year. Farmland values were influenced by hightive burn-down on a wide variety of annual and perennial weeds and grasses, demand from processing plants in the area, combined with expansions fromthe release says. The active ingredients in BioLink Herbicide are naturally some producers, the report says. The closure of a potato processing facility inoccurring fatty acids which disrupt the plants waxy cuticle and cell walls, 2018 doesnt appear to have affected land prices, as demand remained strongcausing weeds to dehydrate and die. The product is not volatile, so vapour and land prices have increased. damage won't occur to non-target plantings.BioLink Herbicide can also be used in tank mixes and is an integrated pest management (IPM) tool which can be rotated with conventional herbicides to minimize resistance. It is a low foaming and easy to use, with no pre-harvest BUSINESS NEWS interval meaning it can be applied right up until harvest, the release says. It Quebec Potato Packers Merge Businesses is also safe for pollinators and beneficial insects.Two Quebec potato packers, Qubec Parmentier and Patate-Saint-Ambroise of Saguenay, Que., have merged together, according to a news release from the companies.The integration of these new partners confirms that the business modelBayer Launches New Insecticide for Colorado Potato Beetle Protectionand the values advocated by the organization meet the interests of potatoBayer has recently registered the active ingredient, tetraniliprole, which will producers in Quebec, says Pierre Chouinard, CEO of Qubec Parmentier, inbe launched commercially in the registered end use product vayegoinsecti-the release. cide, the chemical company announced in a news release. Vayego will provide Following the completion of the merger Saint-Ambroise, Que.-basedpotato growers with protection against Colorado potato beetles, potato flea Qubec Parmentier will hold all of the assets Saint-Ambroise and Lgupro,beetles and European corn borer.DISEASE CONTROL FROM TOP TO BOTTOMDouble Nickel works on both soil-borne & foliar diseases, forming a barrier to infection.Plus only 4 hour re-entry & Zero PHI for flexibility.44 SPUDSMART.COM SUMMER 2020WWW.UAP.CA"