b'Safe and Economical Protection withPIN NIP 2ECZAP SP ROUTS NOW REGISTERED IN CANADA!PIN NIP 2EC is an emulsi ed CIPC spray that prepares potatoes for WITH 1,4ZAP shipment. The solution in injected right into the cold waterow of the pre-pack wash. PIN NIP 2ECs proprietary cold water formula contains a sur-factant that enables the active ingredients to disperse uniformly over the surface of the potato. Save on heating and electricity with the cold water formula designed to work in water as cold as 1.5C or 35F.Your solutions for sproutingHighly soluble for immediate injection into the waterow.and peeping in storage forProduces higher residue uptake using less chemical.fresh and processing potatoes. orm coverage means higher absorption through the eyes of theUnifpotato, resulting in better residue levels and improved sprout control.PIN NIP Works with a variety of application methods. Custom applied as a fog2ECRemains liquid in transitsystemSafely and effectively dessicate and does not freeze at low peeps and sprouts temperatures. all your needs.APPLICATION ombination Can be used in cwith 1,4Sight to maintain or PIN NIP 2EC is usually applied extend dormancyas a 1% emulsion spray on theSuperior Coverage and Uptakedrying table, or similar station,The cold water formula is designed to mix quickly with cold water for after the potatoes have beenimmediate use.PIN NIPs proprietary formula contains a surfactant that washed. Automatic proportion- enables the chemical to disperse more evenly around the surface of the ers or injection systems thatpotato.Better coverage results in better absorption and residue levels.The apply an equivalent rate ofend result is more effective sprout control using less chemical.active ingredient may be used. Equipment should be set toProduct Speci cationsspray evenly across the rollers Chemical Name: Chlorpropham (Isopropyl N-[3-chlorophenyl] moving the potatoes. Rollingcarbamate.)or tumbling action improves coverage compared toat Available in 5 gallon pails or 30 gallon drums.conveyor belts.One gallon of PIN/NIP 2EC will treat up to 2,000 CWT of potatoes.Available at all Canadian dealersThis PIN NIP 2EC was stored for 3Available Now Atmonths at 0F and is stillowing.It remains crystal clear anduid.(506) 375-4538 (506) 473-1941 (902) 436-1600 (705) 435-4368Rev 819103929-160 Ave, Edmonton AB T5Y 3J7 P: (780) 218-7810E: [email protected]'