b'McIntosh, Peak of the Market CEO, says in a phonePeak of the Market usually has Canadian interview. We pretty much ranpotatoes year-round. And certainly, the rush for Employees in the packing plants were asked to24 hours a day forpotatoes that consumers and retailers wanted volunteer to work extra shifts to fill retail demandstretched that a bit because we sold potatoes and growers increased their potato deliveries toabout two weeks toa little faster than planned, McIntosh says. the plants. As processing potato sales dried up,make sure that weWe understand stores wanted potatoes on the Peak of the Market bought some Russet Burbankssupplied all the retailersshelves. So, we reacted and got them product. which had been originally destined for processing. Now were slowing sales down a bit by reducing In April, as shoppers settled into a regularall the potatoes our exports to the United States.shopping routine, sales returned to normal levels.they needed. Peak of the Market expects it will still haveSEED SALES DROPenough potatoes to almost last until harvestLARRY MCINTOSH It was a complete 180 for seed sales. On Van despite the sales pickup.Booms farm growers had been picking up their SUMMER 2020 SPUDSMART.COM 7'