b'take the remaining available processing potatoes and some seed potatoes also. Due to lost seed sales, there is still around 11,000 tonnes of seed remaining in warehouses.New Brunswick: Growing conditions are dry with the planted acres downWere really cognizant that without due to processing contract volumes reductions of around 16 per cent. Stocksthe growers, there is no processing of old crop are becoming more reduced with large volumes having gone to the dehydrated market or having been disposed of.sector. And its incredibly important Quebec: Hot temperatures are pressuring yield potential with fields in needto us that we work to support the of a rain. Acreage is up by 2,000 acres due to an increased demand for freshagriculture sector so that its better and chip potatoes.Ontario: Fields are dry with sporadic rainfall having fallen. The earlierfor the agri-food sector thereafter.planted chip acres are looking good with emerging fresh potatoes looking even. Initial observations suggest an increase in chip acreage and a slight PETER DAWEdecrease in fresh acres. Not much old crop is left, with the first of new crop potatoes expected to come to be harvested around July 20.Manitoba: Planting of fresh crop started 10 days later than usual. There has been lots of dry, hot and windy days. Fresh acreage is around the sameed in Canada is growing rapidly, however a hailstorm in the Taber area wiped as last year. Early planted processing acres were frost damaged. Acreage cutsout about 2,000 acres. Acreage is estimated to be around 20 per cent less arent as large as previously estimated with a five to seven per cent reductionthan last year with no reductions having happened in seed acres, while fresh now expected. Processing plants are ramping up production with Simplot setmay have increased as growers switched processing acres to fresh.to resume importing potatoes from the U.S. and McCain resuming running atBritish Columbia: The early planted crop is looking good after having full capacity as of July 6.received timely rains. Harvest of early Warbas has been happening for three Saskatchewan: The southern part of the province has been really dry, whileweeks. Overall potato acreage is expected to be similar to last year, with the northern part was quite wet during planting. Overall the crop is comingKennebecs down around 10 to 15 per cent.along nicely with good emergence. For more coverage on the pandemic and its effects on the potato industry Alberta: The processing crop in southern Alberta was one of the first plant- please visit our website at SpudSmart.com. BOX & BIG BAGHANDLINGTAILORED SOLUTIONS FOR THE CANADIAN FARMER AND PROCESSORWWW.VHM-MACHINERY.NL5606 62 ST TABER, AB T1G 1Y5403-223-0345 [email protected] WWW.PRAIRIESIDE.CAYOUR SOURCE FOR PARTS AND SUPPLIERSFROM MANY EUROPEAN MANUFACTURERSSUMMER 2020 SPUDSMART.COM 13'