b'Vineland is also interested in licensing the variety to Canadian propagators so growers can access locally sourced, high quality slips. THE FACTS ON SWEET POTATOESTo support the propagation of Canadian-grown slips, Vineland has created a business opportunity document, aimed at greenhouses. Available online at https://www.vinelandresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/canadi-Sweet potatoes belong to the morning glory family, while other potatoan_sweet_potato_slip_production_manual_0.pdf varieties are members of the Solanaceae family which includes Canadian growers are mostly contracted to grow sweet potatoes bytomatoes, red peppers and eggplant.They are tuberous roots, while potatoes are swollen stems. supermarket chains, especially in Ontario. As demand grows though, other jurisdictions are hoping to bring more of the orange-fleshed vegetable to theirSweet potatoes have higher levels of beta carotene than many other vegetables and are a source of potassium, fibre and vitamins A and C.customers.Worldwide, sweet potatoes are a staple crop for food consumption. They Peak is always interested in being able to provide a wide assortment ofare the sixth most consumed food crop after rice, wheat, potatoes, maize vegetables to our customers and that would include sweet potatoes, especiallyand cassava. In developing countries though, they climb to number five. China is the worlds largest producer and consumer of sweet potatoes, it Manitoba grown sweet potatoes, Tracy Shinners-Carnelley, vice-president of research and quality at Peak of the Market, says.is used for food, animal feed, and processing there. Since 1971, North Carolina has been the leading sweet potatoPeak of the Markets research program has partnered with Vineland onproduction state, producing approximately 60 per cent of all sweet their variety development efforts and continue to stay connected as sweetpotatoes grown in the United States. potato production develops in Canada. There are Manitoba growers who are interested in being a part of this new and developing industry.Cleanfarms 2020 Unwanted Pesticides & Old Livestock/Equine Medications CollectionAttention farmers in: Prince Edward Island; Quebec; Southern Saskatchewan;BC - Vancouver Island, Fraser Valley Got unwanted pesticides or livestock/equine medications? Safely dispose of unwanted or obsolete agricultural pesticides and livestock/equine medications - no charge! Collection Dates: Prince Edward Island - November 2 - 13 Collection sites are located at specific facilities. Quebec - September 21 - October 8Southern Saskatchewan - October 26 - 30 For collection location details in each region, go to the listings on the CleanfarmsBC - Vancouver Island - October 5 - 7 website: cleanfarms.ca/materials/unwanted-pesticides-animal-meds/BC - Fraser Valley - October 13 - 16 Next Cleanfarms collection in these regions in fall 2023. Partner COVID social distancing measures may be in place.Collection sites open 9 a.m. to 4 [email protected] @cleanfarmsGiven the current situation, please call ahead to collection sites for instructions on delivering empties.28 SPUDSMART.COM SUMMER 2020'