b'vital So, again, its a management thing on how do we give that potato plant the least amount of stress based on control.TF: To try and get an understanding of how successful this storage might be based on how that growing seasonhow the variety, the soil, the cultural practices and the weatherhow those kind of came together to get us genetic expression of what we know to be this potato. We need to know if that crop is immature, or if its over mature? Both have very different needs in storage. And we need to remember that stress compounds these variables that are added into the equation. Specifically, heavy rains, where we could have some issues where potatoes are underwater for some time, and how that impacts their transitions. Wet potatoes never store well When it comes to sugars and maturity, droughtFrench fry processing potatoes which had been stressed by cold temperatures.PHOTO: TECHMARK, INC.stress is major. So, if youve had issues with irrigation, dont just write those off and say, Well, thats over with and done. Drought stress or irrigation failure can really cost you some quality. These are all important variables to keep in mind when interpreting potato maturity based on sugar analysis.SS: How do you read a sugar report?TF: Along the header you see that these are Russet Burbank potatoes. On the first graph we see sucrose begins at about 2.4very high. And over the period of time that were looking at here, which is November through January, we can see that the potato sucrose has basically been cut by 50 per cent. The glucose on the other hand has stayed very stable and very high.5. On this report the potatoes quality was mostly threes and fours on the Munsell color scale. We can see on the lower graph, no zeros and ones. If this were a report for chipping potatoes the quality dataFrench fry processing potatoes which were warmed up to reduce sugar levels and make them suitablewe would look at would be undesirable colour,for shipping.PHOTO: TECHMARK, INC.SUMMER 2020 SPUDSMART.COM 35'