b'CONTENTS SUMMER 2020FEATURES04PANDEMIC FALLOUT30WORKING TOGETHER ON The COVID-19 pandemic has affectedRESEARCH almost all areas of the Canadian potatoAfter more than a decade spent industry and forced growers to rethinkdeveloping a research network, the their planting plans. Canadian potato industry is now taking full advantage of funding from 10POTATO CONSUMPTIONthe Canadian Agricultural Partnership.REBOUND PUTS SQUEEZE ON REDUCED ACRES34ROUNDTABLEPotato acres across Canada are expectedMaking potato storage easier with to be down for 2020, due to contractsugar sampling.volume cuts in March as the pandemic lockdown hit North America. 48 GROWER SPOTLIGHTThe Perry Family Farm14LESSONS LEARNED David De Koeyer spent three years doing research work in Africa which gave him a fresh perspective on plant breeding and is helping him with his current work as Agriculture and Agri-Food Canadas potato breeder.16 MONITORING YOUR FIELDSChecking every inch of your potato fields isnt an easy task, but precision agriculture company Hummingbird Technologies is trying to make it easier.24 JUST A GIRL DOING HER JOBDeb Hart is preparing to retire after spending almost two decades helping and advocating for the Alberta and Canadian seed potato industries. DEPARTMENTS25FIRST OF ITS KIND A farmer in Manitoba is trying out a first02FROM OUR DESKof its kind seeding experimentusing22INSIDERSdirect seeding with minimal tillage to try and reduce soil compaction and erosion38TATER TALESin his fields. 40MARKET NEWS26A GROWING APPETITE FOR42EYE ON THE NATIONSWEET POTATOES44INDUSTRY NEWSThe Canadian sweet potato industry is47WORLD REVIEWpreparing itself to expand with a new variety developed specifically for the countrys climate. [email protected] 2020 SPUDSMART.COM 1'