b'Theperfect addition to your \x1f eet. All aluminum trailer inserts will transform your dry vans into self-unloading bulk trailers. Built lightweight without troughs for maximum product capacity.Call today to see how we can help you maximize your product payload and reduce your transportation cost.Radiance sweet potato plants grown in a greenhouse.PHOTO: VINELANDRESEARCH ANDINNOVATION CENTRESweet potatoes grow best in deep, fine sandy soils with relatively low levels of organic matter and clay content. While this influences the shape of the roots, these soils also warm faster, helping with the successful production of sweet potatoes. EXPANDING CANADIAN PRODUCTIONThe next step is to develop a viable supply chain of Canadian-grown sweet potato unrooted vine cuttingscalled slips. Current leading varieties such as Orleans and Covington, developed by the Louisiana State University and North Carolina State University breeding programs respectively, are available mainly through North Carolina suppliers. Sweet potato growers in Canada import these slips, sometimes incurring large costs for air or ground transportation, risking the possibility of downgraded quality due to travel time. Additionally, U.S. grown slips are sometimes not available in time for optimal planting. Establishing a Canadian slip propagation industry will allow growers to access slips when needed and eliminate expensive transportation costs, Primomo says. Addressing this is a critical step for the sweet potato value chain as it will remove a major bottleneck which is holding the Canadian industry back.Primomo says work is underway to develop the supply chain for Radiance. Vineland has licensed Radiance to Jones Family Farms in North Carolina. This will help encourage large Canadian growers to grow it as trials this year. SUMMER 2020 SPUDSMART.COM 27'