Spud Smart Video | 2014

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[componentheading]2014 Manitoba Potato Production Days[/componentheading]

Shimona Mehta

Director Client Development, Foodservice at the NPD Group

Shimona sits down with Spud Smart Media to discuss how her firm tracks consumer choices in food service and the challenges faced by the potato industry, including the need for great tasting potato products.


Ian MacRae

Extension Entomologist, University of Minnesota, Department of Entomology

Ian sits down with Spud Smart Media to discuss his findings with respect to the growing tolerance or resistance of Colorado potato beetle to neonicotinoid pesticides, a common ingredient in seed potato treatments.


Gary Secor

Professor, Plant Pathology Department, North Dakota State University

Gary sits down with Spud Smart Media to discuss variety development, how to produce good potato seed and best management practices for potato seed treatment.


Troy Peters

Extension Irrigation Specialist and Associate Scientist, Washington State University – Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center

Troy sits down with Spud Smart Media to discuss irrigation application uniformity, the use of centre pivot technology in managing water use and the importance of irrigation management.


[componentheading]2013 Manitoba Farm Day[/componentheading]

Mid-Man Farms – Potato Harvesting 2013

Open Farm Day at Mid-Man Farms near Carberry
10 am to 2 pm, Sunday, Sept. 15