AgronomyProposed Registration Decision for 1-Octanol and 1,4Zap

Proposed Registration Decision for 1-Octanol and 1,4Zap


Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), under the authority of the Pest Control Products Act, is proposing registration for the sale and use of 1,4Zap Technical, and 1,4Zap, containing the technical grade active ingredient 1-octanol, for post-harvest application on stored potatoes to control emerged sprouts in ventilated storage facilities only.

An evaluation of available scientific information found that, under the approved conditions of use, the health and environmental risks and the value of the pest control products are acceptable.

A fatty alcohol compound, 1-octanol, when applied to potato tubers in storage, controls sprouting, thereby improving tuber longevity and maintaining tuber quality.

1,4Zap is used to manage sprouting in potatoes. Sprouting of potatoes in storage occurs when dormancy is lost. It occurs earlier in varieties with relatively low dormancy and/or in unrefrigerated or partially refrigerated conditions. Sprouted potatoes are less firm, bruise more easily, are lower in quality and therefore are less marketable as table stock or less desirable for processing.


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