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McCain and Day & Ross Celebrate Long-Service Employees


Thirty-nine employees from McCain Foods Canada and The Day & Ross Transportation Group were honoured for 25-years of service during the 2019 Awards Banquet held recently at the Delta Hotel in Fredericton, NB.

Master of Ceremonies was Luc Marcoux, General Counsel, Day & Ross Inc., who shared a congratulatory message from president and CEO, Max Koeune, which included “Family is at the core of our company values; it is ingrained in our history and remains just as important to us today.  Your loyalty and commitment to over 25 years of growth and changes serves as a great testament to those values.”

“You should be proud of your achievements, and you have set the tone for the future” said Bill Doherty, president and CEO of Day & Ross.  “It’s more than the work you do, it’s what you represent.  You are the ambassadors for the business and for that we are all thankful.”

McCain Foods Limited Chairman Allison McCain closed the formal part of the evening with a keynote address.  “Attracting great people is a key ingredient when you’re trying to build a successful business, but keeping those people for 25 years is what really makes sure that the work gets done,” he said.  “Your skills, your experience and your commitment are what makes McCain and Day & Ross a truly respected company.  I am very proud to be associated with these great companies, but frankly what I am particularly proud of is that I can be associated with everyone in this room.”

The evening concluded with a lively East Coast Kitchen party and has left lasting memories with all of the long-service employees and their guests who celebrated this milestone.

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