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Lockwood Creates Industry First – VACS Mobile


West Fargo, ND – Following the VACS-8 model, the Lockwood VACS Mobile is a complete handling and cleaning system mounted on one single semi-trailer. With the aid of high volume air, you can clean loads of potatoes easily while minimizing damage as it efficiently removes rocks, dirt, vines, corn trash and other debris effortlessly.

The VACS Mobile is best described as “the ultimate mobile cleaning machine” by Lockwood’s Director of Business Mike Nilson. Adding to this he said, “It has all the great features of the VACS-8, but with the addition of the quick change tables to accommodate any operation. The VACS Mobile is made to fit on a semi-trailer and is easily towable at highway speeds…something the competition simply can’t do.”

The VACS Mobile is the most mobile cleaning system on the market. It is entirely self-powered, requiring no outside power source to operate, and with four quick-change tables available, it outnumbers any competition.

Tare conveyors are all telescopic, bi-directional and speed controlled, featuring common discharge points and the ability to segregate tare by components. Our VACS Mobile is one of the largest volume capacity machines (cwt/throughput) available.

Maximize the efficiency of your potato operation with the VACS Mobile and experience the difference Lockwood makes to your harvest.

To see the VACS Mobile in action, visit their YouTube page at

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