NewsBusinessLakeside Farms is Champion Grower for McCain

Lakeside Farms is Champion Grower for McCain


Lakeside Farms Ltd. of Greenfield, N.B., was named the 2016-2017 McCain Champion Potato Grower for Florenceville-Bristol, N.B. during the 44th Annual McCain Growers’ Banquet held Aug. 23 at the Northern Carleton Civic Centre. Almost 200 guests gathered to celebrate the top growers and their achievements.

Allison McCain, Chairman of McCain Foods Limited, Shai Altman, President, McCain Foods Canada and Christine Wentworth, VP Agriculture NA extended personal congratulations to Lakeside Farms and all of the McCain growers.

In his address to the group, McCain expressed the importance of New Brunswick agriculture and the need to continuously be innovative in farming practices.

“Early adoption of farm practice innovations is essential to ensuring New Brunswick growers and McCain can compete in global markets.”

Wentworth thanked the growers for their “loyalty, dedication and contribution to McCain over the last 60 years” and wished them a safe and bountiful harvest, while Altman reiterated that our partnership with the growers is critical for our business. “McCain is a proud Canadian company,” he said, “and you all have a part to play in that. We look forward to a bright future ahead.”

Arthur Tweedie, with sons Peter and Paul and grandson Matthew were surprised and delighted to be announced as the Champion Grower. The Tweedie family is only one of two grower families that have been providing potatoes to McCain since the company started 60 years ago, in 1957. They have been in the Top 10 eight times and this is their second time claiming the Champion title.

When asked what it took to achieve the first place standing, Peter said: “Following advice from McCain agronomists and talking to other growers about best practices was really helpful, but a lot of it was just good luck and help from Mother Nature.”

Top 10 Growers – Front row, l-r: Matthew Tweedie, Paul Tweedie, Arthur Tweedie, Peter Tweedie. Second Row, l-r: Travis Pirie, Field Representative, Whitney Sipprell, Field Representative, Luc Coté, Field Department Manager, Shai Altman, President, McCain Foods Canada, David Good, Director, Ag Supplier Relations NA. Middle row, l-r: Allison McCain, Chairman, McCain Foods Limited, Tyler Culberson, Herb Culberson, Jeff Miller, Aaron Bubar, Dana Bubar, Jared Kilpatrick, Kevin Taylor, Christine Wentworth, VP Agriculture NA, Marc Kilfoil, French Fry Plant Manager. Back row, l-r: Cory Culberson, Gerald Culberson, Alex Metherell, Danny Metherell, Colton Rennie, Blair Young, Chad Young, Jason McLean, Randy McLean.

Other growers who qualified for the top 10 roster, in order of final standing were:

  • Kilpatrick Farms (Brian Kilpatrick with son, Jared – Greenfield)
  • Valley Farms Ltd. Florenceville (Under management of Jeff Miller and Colton Rennie)
  • G and C Culberson Inc. (Cory Culberson with father, Gerald – Jacksonville)
  • B and C Young Farms Ltd. (Blair Young with son, Chad – Bedell)
  • Herb Culberson Farms Ltd. (Herb Culberson – Jacksonville)
  • Double B Farms Ltd. (Dana Bubar with son, Aaron – Hartland)
  • Meduxnekeag Farms Ltd. (Daniel Metherell – Jackson Falls)
  • R H McLean Farms Inc. (Randy McLean with son, Jason – Maplehurst)
  • Wilmot Farms (Kevin Taylor – Lakeville)


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