NewsBusiness HZPC Americas Grows with New Employees 

 HZPC Americas Grows with New Employees 


Over the last two years, HZPC has built a new business development team for the North American market. Led by Mr. Jeff Scramlin, this team focuses efforts in the food service and retail sectors. The existing HZPC Americas operations team in Charlottetown, P.E.I., Canada, successfully produces, sells, and licences HZPC potato varieties in the United States and Canada. 

HZPC Americas 

Recently, a corporate decision was made to merge the functionalities of both teams. Effective September 1, Jeff Scramlin will become the Managing Director of the combined HZPC Americas team, while Manager Fred Koops will continue to strengthen services for and partnerships with the key clients of HZPC Americas. 

HZPC Welcomes New Colleagues 

Mr. Douglas Picketts started in July as Sales Manager for the HZPC Americas office in Charlottetown, P.E.I. Doug has been working for 10 years in international sales and market development in the agricultural and financial industries. Mr. Greg Meeker joined in August as Director of Business Development. A 30-year professional chef, Greg brings his food passion and culinary knowledge to drive food service growth. The HZPC Americas team now comprises ten people working together thru the entire potato value chain to serve clients in North America, both directly and indirectly. HZPC is delighted to welcome both new team members. 

About HZPC

Founded in 1898 and rooted in The Netherlands, HZPC has grown to become the global market leader in seed potato trading, innovative breeding, and concept development. We aim for durable growth, offering innovative potato varieties that are optimized for local growing conditions. We share knowledge and provide solutions that dynamically anticipate the climatological, cultural, and commercial challenges the entire field of food is faced with. With 400 employees across 15 countries, and exports to over 90 countries, we contribute to the availability of responsible food for the well-being of millions of people worldwide. 

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