AgronomyCrop ProductionHot Manitoba Temperatures Stressing Potato Crops

Hot Manitoba Temperatures Stressing Potato Crops


Temperatures above 30 C across Manitoba during the month of July resulted in heat stress and heat runners in many fields with secondary sets of tubers being formed, the July 31 provincial potato report from Manitoba Agriculture’s Vikram Bisht says.

Rains were scattered and limited across the province. The risk of late blight is medium to high however to date not late blight has been reported in the province. Early blight has been found on Ranger Russets in central potato regions though, the report notes.

High number of potato aphids were trapped in six of the eight seed potato fields. The amount of European corn borers trapped were similar to last week with more fields reporting borer injury in stems, the report says. New and young Colorado potato beetle larvae have been reproved in central and southern potato areas.

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