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German Company Launches New Low Carb Potato Varieties


Europlant, a German company, has launched two new low carb potato varieties, the mild, mainly firm-cooking Coronada, which is branded as Linella, and the tasty, firm-cooking Montana, the company says in a new release.

“The demand is overwhelming. People who value a low-carbohydrate diet now have an alternative,” Joerg Renatus, managing director of Europlant Pflanzenzucht GmbH, says in the release.

Lower carb potato Coronada
Lower carb potato Coronada. Photo: Europlant

The varieties were developed through selective breeding. The average relative energy content is at least 30 per cent reduced in relation to fixed standards. Both varieties are grown by specially selected, qualified farmers who are certified by German QS standards.

Before grading and packing every single lot is checked for its ingredients by neutral experts, the release notes. Only if all legal requirements are met a lot can become part of their “lower carb” program.