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[deck]Products from Trimble and Heat and Control to benefit growers in 2016[/deck]

Metal Detector


Integrating a metal detector with a potato processing line is easy with the new CEIA THS/RB-800 system from Heat and Control, Inc.

At 800 millimetres long, this compact system includes a CEIA THS/SL21 series Slim-Line metal detector, round belt conveyor, operating controls, and an optional conveyor speed-sensing encoder, all pre-assembled on a sanitary support frame.

The polyurethane cord conveyor is available in three widths and can be removed without tools. The belt speed is adjustable and a variety of aperture heights are available to accommodate a wide range of applications.

The RB-800 system is available with different CEIA metal detectors, including models THS 21, 21E, 21E-3F, and the MS21 that is highly sensitive to all magnetic and non-magnetic metals, including stainless steel. It also features CEIA’s proprietary multi-spectrum technology that eliminates product effect rejects without reducing detection sensitivity.

Standard features of the CEIA MS21 metal detector include automatic learning and tracking of product effects, high immunity to environmental interference, data memory for 500 products, and password-protected access by up to 40 people.

The RB-800 system and all CEIA metal detectors, as well as Ishida X-ray inspection systems and checkweighers, are available in Canada through authorized Heat and Control representatives.

For more information on CEIA metal detectors, visit

Irrigation Solution

Monitor showing Irrigate-IQ Optimal Flow in use on an irrigation system.
Monitor showing Irrigate-IQ Optimal Flow in use on an irrigation system.

Trimble has enhanced its Irrigate-IQ Solution with unique pressure regulating technology. Irrigate-IQ Optimal Flow is a new product introduced in late 2015 that enables growers without a variable frequency drive irrigation pump to focus their irrigation efforts onto areas of their fields that produce the best return on investment.

According to Trimble, Irrigate-IQ Optimal Flow allows growers who have standard irrigation pump equipment to incorporate no spray areas within their irrigation plan. By utilizing no spray areas, growers concentrate their irrigation efforts in portions of their field that are highest producing, which can lead to maximized yield.

Growers without a variable frequency drive pump are typically unable to use no spray areas in their irrigation plans without risking damage to their equipment due to significant pressure changes. As a result, these growers have been unable to optimize water resources across their fields to improve crop quality and yield.

With its unique technology, Irrigate-IQ optimal flow utilizes standard pump equipment to keep water pressure regulated across the entire pivot, even when operating in no spray areas, according to Trimble.

“We are excited to be the first in the industry to enable growers without a variable frequency drive to begin enjoying the benefits of using no spray areas,” said David Fitzpatrick, Water Solutions business area director of Trimble’s Agriculture Division.

“Many growers farm in areas with water restrictions or limited water resources. With Irrigate-IQ optimal flow, these growers can move water to the highest producing areas of their fields without making a substantial investment in a variable frequency drive pump. This means growers can maximize their yields with minimal investment.”

To learn more about Trimble’s Irrigate-IQ solution, visit:

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