PromotedCloser™ Insecticide Label Expansion Offers Canadian Growers Even More Pest Protection

Closer™ Insecticide Label Expansion Offers Canadian Growers Even More Pest Protection


Closer™ insecticide from Corteva Agriscience™ now provides Canadian fruit and vegetable growers with even more labeled pest control options. With many growers looking for a single solution capable of controlling more than one pest problem, Closer insecticide’s recent label expansion is excellent news for those wanting greater access to a highly-effective product that controls insects at various stages of growth.

Canadian growers already depend on Closer for quick-and-effective control of pests, such as aphids in vegetable, fruit and field crops, but thanks to a recent label expansion, the product is now even better.

Label Expansion #1: Leafhoppers and Tarnished plant bugs added to root and tuber vegetables (Crop Group 1)

Label Expansion #2: Tarnished plant bugs added to pome fruits (Crop Group 11-09), brassica (Cole) head & stem vegetables (Crop Group 5-13), & leafy vegetables (except brassica) (Crop Group 4-13)


Canadian growers who have used Closer in the past know of its exceptional speed and ability to knockdown aphids and scale insects. This label expansion to include Leafhoppers and Tarnished plant bugs reinforces the quality and efficacy of Closer. Closer Insecticide, powered by Isoclast™ active, is a revolutionary product, ideal for control of both resistant and non-resistant pests, delivering the active ingredient sulfoxaflor. Sulfoxaflor moves quickly through the plant and has excellent systemic and translaminar activity that controls insect pests, both through contact and ingestion. The results are fast knockdown and control of leafhopper and tarnished plant bugs, as well as many other insects.

The properties and overall spectrum of activity of Closer insecticide makes it an excellent addition to any Integrated Pest Management program (IPM).

Benefits of Closer for Integrated Pest Management

  • Best-in-class control of aphids and broad-spectrum control of sap-feeding pests.
  • Greater protection against key pests through both systemic and translaminar activity, as it controls pests that are resistant to current insecticides.
  • Favourable environmental profile as it is highly selective with minimal impact on beneficial insects.
  • Speed and efficacy.

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