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Changing Storage Styles? Look for Wins

You’ve decided it’s time to update or build new potato storage. You’ve spent time considering the questions I posed in my last column on where to begin the process. Now it’s time to get down to brass tacks. There are four main factors you must consider when deciding upon a potato storage facility, these include: style of building insulation ventilation and humidification options: auxiliary heat and/or refrigeration Basically, there are three building…

Where to Start When It’s Time To Expand My Spud Storage

It happens every harvest – you look at your potato storage capacity and wonder, “Do I have enough – is it time to expand?” When you decide it is time to increase or update your storage facilities, your first question will most likely be, “Where do I start?” Here are some beginning questions to help organize your thoughts as you consider expanding your storage capacity. Where is my potato production headed? How…

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