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‘Canadian Potato Growers Made Wise Planting Decisions,’ Says Grower Organization

Statistics Canada released the first official estimate of planted Canadian potato acreage for 2018.

Planted acreage nationally is slightly up +0.5% and is estimated to be 347,416 acres, compared to 345,817 acres planted in 2017. “It overall reflects improved demand for processing products,” says the general manager of the United Potato Growers of Canada, Kevin MacIsaac.

He says the slight increase further indicates that producers “have made wise planting decisions after assessing supply and demand factors.”

The estimate indicates very little change in the country’s largest producer, Prince Edward Island – down only 200 acres or -0.2%. Ontario shows the largest decrease, down 1,400 acres or 4%.” This again is surprising as acreage was expected to be down around 500 acres due to both fresh and chip producers exiting, however this decrease is more substantial,” says MacIsaac.

Manitoba Acreage is up 1,200 acres or 1.9%. All of this is required for processing expansion, however industry personnel felt the increase would be closer to 2,000 acres. Not much change expected in the fresh sector.

Source: Potato News Today

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