Canadian Potato Council Launches Research Website

Canadian Potato Council research site
Photo: Canadian Potato Council

The Canadian Potato Council’s (CPC) Research Working Group has officially launched its bilingual potato research website, the association says in a news release on Nov. 24.

“The website has been designed to be the ‘go to’ place for Cluster project results. Knowledge transfer is a critical part of the Cluster and it’s hoped that the website will make this information accessible to all Canadian potato growers and other industry stakeholders,” Tracy Shinners-Carnelley, Chair of the CPC Research Working Group, says in the release.

The research work detailed on the website is part of the work underway in Canadian AgriScience Cluster for Horticulture 3, funded by the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP).

The website includes information, updates and extension materials about each of the eight research projects including:

  • Generate and Evaluate Integrated Pest Management Tools for Wireworm Control in Potatoes in Canada
  • Canadian Potato Early Dying Network (CanPEDNet)
  • Potato Variety Evaluation
  • Late Blight: Tracking Pathogen Strains and their Characteristics
  • Development of Regional Management Strategies and Decision Making Tools for Control of Colorado Potato Beetle
  • Increasing Profitability of Canadian Potato Producers by Controlling Common Scab
  • Investigating the Occurrence and Distribution of Potato Tuber Necrosis-Inducing Viruses in Canada
  • Enhancement of Canadian Potato Industry through Smart Agriculture

The activities of the CPC are supported by the eleven provincial potato grower organizations, the release notes. The CPC collaboratively works at the national level to improve the economic well-being of the potato growers of Canada.

Visit the website:


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