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BASF Pipeline: New products for Potato Growers

Recently, I attended a meeting organized by the staff of BASF to provide updates on several pesticides in the pipeline. Two products that caught my attention were Zidua and CIMEGRA. 

Zidua is a pre-emergence herbicide that controls redroot pigweed and suppresses lamb’s quarters.  It is in the same family as dimethenamid-p (Outlook) and s-metolachlor (Dual Magnum).Andrew Robinson, a potato agronomist in North Dakota and Minnesota, has been testing Zidua for three seasons.

“Zidua needs to be tank-mixed with other herbicides. It should be used pre-emergence, when the potato shoots are still a couple of inches underground. If potato plants are emerging, it can cause some injury.  Good timing gives it great crop safety, much better than Outlook or Dual,” said Robinson.

 BASF hopes to have Zidua registered through the Minor Use program.

 CIMEGRA is an insecticide that controls leafhoppers and tarnished plant bug when applied as a foliar spray.  When applied in-furrow, CIMEGRA controls wireworms. The active ingredient is broflanilide. Registration may occur in 2021. There has been so much talk recently of products risking cancellations that it is nice to know there are new products in the pipeline for registration.

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