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Avebe Pays Out Full Result to Members, Advance Increased

In late September, the board of directors and the members council of the Dutch cooperative Avebe held intensive talks on the implications of the extreme drought and high temperatures, which will have a serious impact on the members and the company alike.

The cooperative has decided to increase with immediate effect the current advance payment for potatoes delivered in the 2018 campaign. The advance is 67 euros per tonne with 19 per cent starch. This makes the advance more than 17 per cent higher than last year. Avebe will bear the loading and transport costs as usual.

The cooperative’s board of directors indicates that it has looked for ways of supporting its members while maintaining its cooperative principles. “We want to treat all of our members equally without taking any hostages to fortune. We are therefore taking a well-considered approach that does justice to this year’s situation and is in line with Avebe’s strategic course in which we are working towards a step-by-step increase in the performance price,” said chairman of the board, Bert Jansen.

Source: Avebe

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